Most Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my student need to be to take driver education? A student may be 15 years old to enroll in driver education.


How do I sign my student up?  The parent will need to fill out an enrollment form and make a deposit of $100.


How does my student successfully complete driver education? The student must complete the 30 hours of class, the 6 hours of driving, and have an 80% or higher grade for the classroom and driving. Each section is graded separately.  Precision Driving will give the student a PASS or FAIL.


What if my student fails driver education?  If a student drops out of the program, does not complete driver education, or fails, Precision Driving must contact the BMV and the BMV will revoke or invalidate the permit upon notification.


How do I get my permit and where do I go to get it?  A student may get their permit at 15 years old if they are enrolled in an approved driver education course,  if the balance is paid in full, and a student may get a permit 21 days before a class. The student does not need the permit  before class, but does need it to be able to complete the 6 hours of driving.  The parent or guardian will need to take the student to the BMV to get the permit with a CDE form that we give you.


What documents should I bring to the BMV to get the permit?  You can always look online at the BMV's website, but we recommend taking:


1. CDE form (we give this to you)

2.A student's ORIGINAL birth certificate or passport

3. Social Security Card

4. 2 proofs of residency: report card, class schedule, or bank statement dated within the last 60 days

We also recommend that parents should ALSO bring with them:

1. Parent's birth certificate or passport

2. Social security card

3. Driver license

4. 2 proofs of residency: bill and/or bank statement dated within the last 60 days


*Mom, they may ask for your marriage certificate or divorce decree so you may want to bring it just in case.


How long is my permit good for? 2 years


Does the student have to take a written test to get the permit?  Effective July 1, 2012 any student applying for their permit at the BMV will have to take a written test. 


How old does a student need to be to obtain their probationary license if they take driver education? 

16 years old and 90 days

Held the permit for 180 days

Completed and passed driver education

Complete 50 supervised hours and filled out a driving log


How old does must someone wait if they do not take driver education? 16 years old and 270 days.


How long must someone hold a permit before obtaining their license? 180 days


Does a student have to turn in a log when they get their license?  Yes, the student will need to complete the 50 hours of supervised driving and turn in a written log.  Precision Driving can provide the student with a log.


Can a student obtain a waiver for the drive test?  Yes, if the student has successfully completed and passed driver edcuation.  The waiver test can be given by the school where they completed and passed driver education.* Note: This test is separate from the 6 hours of in-car instruction for driver education.


Is there a separate fee for the waiver test? Yes,  $30.00












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