$410 Driver Education- this includes the 30 hours of in-person classroom and 6 hours of driving

(This cost does not include a drive test-that is a separate fee)


$410 Driver Education online : $80 class + $330 driving



$330 for driving for students who are using 

       The $80 for the book portion online is not part of the $330.

        Paying the $330 would be if someone enrolled and paid for             class firstAND then decided to pay for the driving at a later                date.


 $395 for students who take an online option with any other Indiana approved course and just need the 6 hours of driving.  *This is subject to availability.  Due to the volume of students we see in our physical classroom and our online program, we may not be able to accept other programs.   You will need to call ahead to check our availabilty and when you can come in to register.  




* We do NOT do just driving lessons.  A student MUST take a class room portion or approved online option for us to be able to do the driving!  No exceptions!


$30 Drive Test (for students who complete and pass driver education)




$40 fee if a student:

          1. Does not show for a drive time

          2. Does not give 48 hours notice to change a drive time

          3. Comes with improper footwear (open-toed shoes/sandals)

          4. Does not have permits on person







Refund Policy:

1. A nonrefundable amount of $100 will be levied on all of our driver's education packages.


2. Any fees/fines will be assessed before a refund is given.


3. Once a student begins the classroom portion of the driver's education program, that portion of the package is no longer eligible to be refunded.


4. Unused driving seesions can be refunded at the amount of $50 per session after the nonrefundable amount is assessed.


5. 120 days after registration no refunds will be granted.


How to Find Us


8828 Coldwater Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Ph: (260) 490-1007


Office Hours /Driving Hours

Office Hours:


Monday-Thursday 12-5

Friday: CLOSED




Driving Instruction Hours:

Monday- Thursday

3:30, 4, 4:30, 5, 5:30

Saturday 8, 9, 10, 11


Driving hours can be booked out 4-8 weeks.  But, don't worry!  We can put you on a cancellation list!



To schedule driving you can email us






Effective July 1, 2012: Any student applying for a permit must take a written test to obtain their permit at the BMV.  Please call our office if you have any questions.


Effective July 1, 2015 licensing age changes to 16 years and 90 days with driver education.  A student MUST hold their permit regardless for 180 days and log 50 hours in before obtaining a drivers license.




Parents, make sure your student has their permit and proper footwear when they come for a drive time.  There is $40.00 fee if they do not have their permit with them or they are wearing sandals/flip flops. All No Show fees MUST be paid prior to next drive.




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