Online Option

So many parents have been asking for information about online driver education.  Here's information to help out on what steps to take and how to find the best program for you!


Precision Driving is partnered with  Here is some general information about this program:


With a referal code from us (PDFTW) the cost is $80.00.  Without the code, it's $99. 

The cost of driving is $300 if you use Welcomedriver.  $345 if you use any other approved online provider.


This is an Indiana approved course


The student can work at their own pace.  So if they only have 20 minutes to devote to the program that day, that's fine.  The most they can work a day on any online is 3 hours a day.


With Welcomedriver if they have to stop in a section, they can return to where they left off.  Also, each slide is timed, so they can't just "click" through the program!


Welcomedriver can be used on any computer or laptop.  You just need access to internet.  Unfortunately, it cannot be used on an Ipad.


When you enroll with Welcomedriver your user name will be the email you provided them and they will assign a password to you in the confirmation email.  Also, parents when you sign the student up use your email address when they ask for your email.  The program will email you updates!


The steps for the process of using online driver education:


1. Enroll the student online with an approved course. We will need a certificate of completion for an approved course your student did use.  Before you commit to a specific online provider make sure you do your homework!  Look at prices for the courses and how much it would be for courses and driving!  Even though you may have a cheap price for online, the driving may not! 

2.  Once a student is enrolled, come in and fill out some paperwork and pay for the driving.  We cannot issue a CDE form to get the permit unless a full driver education course is paid.  Student's using an online provider other than Welcomedriver we will need to see a certificate before we issue a CDE form.

3.  Once you have the CDE form go to the BMV to get the permit.  Remember, bring the documents and your student will have to take the written test!

4.  Once you have the permit the student can begin driving with us.  You would call the office and schedule in drives.







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