Our Driving School Offers

       30 hours of classroom

        6 hours of driving

        Drive test opportunity for students who take driver education




We CANNOT do just driving lessons for any student who has a permit, but has not completed an online or traditional classroom portion of driver education. We offer driving for students who are enrolled in a full driver education course. 




 If you are interested in an online option we are partnered with Welcomedriver.com


    *Use the code PDFTW for a discount!

   *See our pricing section for cost





Parents: Due to the high volume of students coming in, we are scheduling 10-12 weeks out.  Don't panic! We have a cancellation list and USE it.  We make it a priority to make sure to get your student gets in!  Here are some helpful tips:


1.  Don't wait to the last minute-if your student gets their license soon, trying to schedule in 6 lessons in a few weeks time is very difficult!  Its better to spread the times out over a long period of time.


2.  Scheduling around a sport can be stressful.  Most of our clients are in sports and we support that!  Plan ahead and know your student's schedule. We can work around a sport, but again, waiting till the last minute and scheduling around a sport can be difficult!

















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