We Put Fort Wayne on Wheels

Our trained and licensed driving instructors teach you theory and practice, and they demonstrate the proper behavior in road traffic. The latest teaching methods and vehicles professionally prepare you for the road.


In the following pages, you'll find information about our driving school. Interested in our services? Simply contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Driving School Offers

       30 hours of classroom

        6 hours of driving

        Drive test opportunity for students who take driver education






 If you are interested in an online option we are partnered with Welcomedriver.com


    *Use the code PDFTW for a discount!

   *See our pricing section for cost





Parents: Due to the high volume of students coming in, we are scheduling 10-12 weeks out.  Don't panic! We have a cancellation list and USE it.  We make it a priority to make sure to get your student gets in!  Here are some helpful tips:


1.  Don't wait to the last minute-if your student gets their license soon, trying to schedule in 6 lessons in a few weeks time is very difficult!  Its better to spread the times out over a long period of time.


2.  Scheduling around a sport can be stressful.  Most of our clients are in sports and we support that!  Plan ahead and know your student's schedule. We can work around a sport, but again, waiting till the last minute and scheduling around a sport can be difficult!

















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